School times



The gates in Windsor Avenue open at 8.20am for Year 1 and Year 2 pupils 

All the Year 1 and 2 children must be in their class by 8.35am when the classroom doors shut.

After this time they will be directed to the school office.

The Reception and Nursery pupils can then go to their classes from 8.35am-8.55am, and at 8.55am

all the gates are closed.


The gates in Windsor Avenue are open at 2.50pm. All gates are then closed at 3.10pm.


Please note: the school currently has a ONE WAY system in place. All parents/carers and pupils go through the

Windsor Avenue gate and walk round the school, and then can exit at the gate in the alleyway.

We would like all parents/carers to wear a mask while they are on the school site. Thank you.

Thanks to all the parents who completed their questionnaires. Your feedback is very much appreciated and helps us to understand what is working well for you, and where improvements are needed.


Last year an action plan was developed to address the areas that you identified needed improvement. It is pleasing to note that improvements were made in all these areas although more people also said that their child had experienced some bullying. This could be more parents informing the school of their concerns which we welcome. No child should feel bullied and we are determined to keep this out of school. If you have any concerns please contact us.

Three new questions were added to the questionnaire this year. One of these added clarification to school dinners. Of the 82% that had a cooked meal 94% said that they enjoyed it. Another new question established that 97% were proud of their school. The third new question was whether parents found the phone call useful when their child had been involved in an incident. This had the highest number that did not know as presumably had not experienced it. Last year you told us that the newsletters were informative, you were made to feel welcome in the school, and that children were expected to work hard, All scored highly again this year with the biggest areas of improvement in children being happy during playtime and lunchtime.

The biggest drop in satisfaction was in the provision of after school clubs and activities. However, comments supported the view that they were in fact very successful and the dissatisfaction came from not being able to get on all the clubs that they would like to do. Places are limited and we try to ensure that as many children as possible benefit from these activities.