Friends of Oakwood

We have a wonderful team who work hard to raise funds for the school they are called Friends of Oakwood


They meet up every half term to organise the Christmas Bazaar, Christmas Discos, Easter Bonnet Competitions, Easter Cake Bakes, and in the Summer they organise the Summer Fayre. In between all this they have after school cake sales.

They have made lots of money for the school and we really appreciate all they do.


We are always looking for keen fundraisers to join the Friends of Oakwood, so if you are interesting in joining them please leave your name with the office and we will get back to you.


The following people are committee members of the Friends of Oakwood but anyone is welcome to join them.



Vice Chair-

Treasurer/Staff Member-Mrs Konis



Mrs Moore

Miss Giurgiu

Mr Titchmarsh

Mrs Lee

Mrs Thwaites

Mrs Attridge

Mrs Wells

Mrs Clampin



The Friends of Oakwood will be adding more to this website in due course. Also look at the Friends of Oakwood board in the Reception area.