Admissions to the school





Admissions are dealt with by Essex County Council, please follow the link here: 




For admissions to Nursery please use the link here:




Admissions facts for all parents and carers for Nursery and Reception


What parents should do if they want to apply for their child to go to your school

To apply for a school place parents will need to Contact Planning and Admissions by email to:

Our arrangements for selecting the pupils who apply

Essex County Council deal with the Waiting List, we do not control this.

Appeals timetable

You must log an appeal within 20 days of being informed of the school place that your child has been given. This has to be done through Planning and Admissions.


How we consider applications for every year group

Parents need to apply by email to Planning and Admissions. If  there is a space in the year group of your child they will be given  a place at the school to:


Oversubscription criteria

If we are oversubscribed then we consider a place for your child it if a sibling already  attends the school and the distance the child is from the school.

Attendance and punctuality

Although your child may not be of statutory school age, we still encourage good attendance and punctuality as this creates good habits for the future. It is also important that your Early Years child benefits from all the learning opportunities available. Play is learning!

Together we can help your child to feel happy and be successful. Your child deserves a good education and all the opportunities that education can give to them in life.


Application for Leave of Absence during term time

Leave of absence may only be granted by a person authorised in that behalf by the proprietor of the school. As from 1st September 2013 amended regulation 7 to prohibit the proprietor of a maintained school from granting leave of absence to a pupil, except where advanced application has been made by the  parent with whom the pupil normally resides, and the proprietor considers that there are exceptional circumstances relating to the application.


Taking your child out of school during term time could be detrimental to your childs educational progress. A pupil who takes 10 days absence will only attain 94.7% attendance in the year. 10 days absence also means the pupil will miss 50 hours of education.

There is NO entitlement to parents to take their child out of school during term time, however, you may apply to the school for leave of absence if you believe there are exceptional circumstances.


If the absence is not authorised and the holiday is taken, the case will be referred to the Local Authority who may issue a penalty notice for £120 (or £60 if paid within 21 days) to EACH parent for each child taken out of school.