After school clubs



Toys & Games Club (Year 2 Only) 3-4pm

Colouring Club (Year 1 & 2) 3-3.50pm           

Wildlife Club (Year 2 Only) 3-4pm                   

Computer Club (Year 2 Only) 3-4pm

Construction Club (Year 1 & 2 Only) 3-3.50pm

Sports Challenge Club (Year 1 & 2 Only) 3-4pm



Art & Craft Club (Year 1 Only) 3-3.50pm

Football (Year 1 & 2) 3-4pm



 Multiskills (Year 1 & 2 Only) 3-4pm

 Craft Club (Year 2 Only) 3-3.50pm

 Dance Club (Year 1 &2 Only) 3-4pm

 Library Club (Year 1 Only) 3-4pm


* Year 1 will be introducing a Fun Time

Phonics Club there will be a separate letter

to children invited to join.



Maths & English (Year 1) 3-4pm1

Maths & English (Year 2) 3-4pm

Film Club (Year 1 Only) 3-4pm

Singing Club (Year 1 & 2) 3-3.50pm  

Cooking Club (Year 2 Only) 3-4pm

*Cooking club is £1 a week towards ingredients. Your child will take any food home they cook the following day.



We are very proud of the excellent meals that are served by our kitchen team, ably led by Mrs Fairhead, our school cook.

All school lunches are now free.


Our meals are mainly cooked from scratch in our kitchen, using fresh produce where possible, sourced from reputable suppliers.

You will find a copy of the three-week menu below.

Your child is, of course, welcome to bring a packed lunch instead. We encourage parents to pack a healthy lunch but we think that parents know best what their child likes and will eat. We do, however, say that children should not have fizzy drinks or sweets in their lunch box.


As part of a government scheme, your child will also have a free piece of fruit or vegetable each day. In Nursery and Reception, this will be eaten mid morning and in Years 1 and 2, children will have this snack immediately before break time. Children should not bring other snacks into school unless there is a medical reason for this, which has been discussed with the class teacher.


Breakfast Club


Do you struggle in the morning to get your child to eat any breakfast? Are you running around, trying to get ready for work? Are you struggling to arrange childcare in the morning before school?

For  £1.50 a day, your child can come to Breakfast Club, where they will be supervised by three members of staff and given a good breakfast, with a choice of food, such as cereal and toast, with orange juice, apple juice, milk or water to drink. 

Breakfast is such an important meal; it helps your child concentrate in class and socialise around the breakfast table. For those children who choose a piece of fruit to eat, and a glass of fruit juice, together with their fruit at break time, they are getting a large proportion of their ‘5 a day’.


After the children have eaten, they are encouraged to wash and dry their cups and bowls, thereby learning other skills. They can then play with a range of toys, do some colouring or read a book.


At 8.40 am, the children are taken to their classes and you are safe in the knowledge that they are ready for the school day.

If you are interested in a place in Breakfast Club for your child, either for a whole week or for certain days, please speak to a member of staff in the office.