School Ambassadors


The Election for the School Ambassadors was in September 2020.


The following children were voted in by their class to represent them on the School Council

Lettie         -         Hedgehogs                    Sonny        -         Robins

Albie           -        Hedgehogs                    Talia           -        Robins

Maggie       -        Rabbits                           Poppy        -        Nightingakes

Elvijus          -       Rabbits                          Daniel         -      Nightingles

Michael        -       Squirrels                       Oscar           -     Kingfishers

Charly          -       Squirrels                       Scarlett       -      Kingfishers

Phoebe      _     Badgers                            Greg           -       Woodpeckers

Archie                - Badgers                         Jessica        -       Woodpeckers



Congratulations to the new Ambassadors for 2020-21


We hope that you enjoy your time as Ambassadors.